Our Strategy

Is based on the following four pillars:
  1. Education & Career Development: Members shall be grouped depending on the years of experience where each group will be provided with programs that suites their level of experience and learning needs. Programs will be offered through workshops, discussion sessions, and webcasts.

  2. Networking: We will help our members to create a web of linked relationships that keep them engaged with practitioners, academians, and suppliers of knowledge and information, thus when a member finds any difficulty he or she can always resort to a reference to get advice, solution, or even assistance.

  3. Members’ Support: JAMA shall support its members on the social, technical, and human resource levels. Technical support is represented in offering the members a knowledge space to navigate, search, and explore a wide resource of knowledge. Social support includes giving the member special privileges that are offered by several institutions and companies.

  4. Community Support: JAMA and its members are keen to play a key role within the profession community. JAMA’s strategy demands addressing different social categories to be always accessible to those who need orientation and support, including accounting students who are about to graduate, small and medium enterprises’ owners, and others